What is This?

This page allows you to setup an automated importing of your Strava activities. Trailforks will check your Strava several times a day for new activities and import new ones automatically. We will try and identify trails from your gps track and generate trail check-ins if that option is selected.

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Why Use Ridelog with Strava?

Strava is a great app, Ridelog is not meant to replace Strava, although it can if you're not interested in some of the Stava specific fitness features. Ridelog offers different features and focus than Strava, so you can use both. This import tool makes it easy for people who want to use Strava as their primary starting point.

Ridelog is more focused on being a log for how many rides one does in a year. Ridelog also knows about trails, so you can see which trails you rode easily. We also generate trail check-ins which provide valuable trail usage data for local associations.

You must login to bulk import Strava activities to your ride log.
By uploading your personal ridelog you consent to anonymized data from your ride being used in trail usage statistics for advocacy and planning.