Display a region's supporters.

Step 1: Choose a Region

Step 2: Configuration

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Widget Preview

Step 3: Get the code

If including multiple Trailforks widgets on the same page, the javascript portion below only needs to be included ONCE per page!

Also check out the other region widgets.


  1. You can optionally provide your own custom CSS file to custom style the widget to your desire.
    add the following code to the widgets javascript, replacing URL_TO_YOUR_CSS_FILE: var style = "URL_TO_YOUR_CSS_FILE";
  2. You can include the widget source directly into your page using PHP CURL or a Javascript Ajax call.
    The direct URL to the widget source is: https://www.trailforks.com/widgets/region_supporters/
    the following are the URL GET paramaters you can pass: rid, width, height, names, years, limit, noheader. Use the data-* in the "get the code" box above for reference.