Trailforks is a user-powered database, users can help grow & maintain the database. We then reach out to local trail associations and give them control of the content in their region, so they can curate the content. Locals become the moderator of what trails should be public or hidden, because they know best. Different regions have different policies so Trailforks is a flexable platform.

Users earn points when they contribute content and get credited on their profile. When content you've submitted is approved your "trust score" rises. A higher trust score raises your voting power and helps moderators approve your content faster.

Most content is added via the website, currently the app can only add trail reports, trail photos, ridelogs, comments & ratings.

Below is a list of different content users can contribute. We encourage users to fill out as much data as possible, but if you don’t others can submit modifications after. The site has a revisioning and user approval/reject system to help crowd source the data, like a wiki.

  • Region (Riding Area, Trail Center)
    regions including provinces, cities, riding areas & bike parks
  • Trail
    trail details with GPS data
  • Bulk Add Trails
    upload a kml file with multiple trails, bulk add trails
  • Trail Supporter
    used for listing trail supporters, sponsors or maintainers. If supporter is a bike shop use directory instead.
  • Route
    sequence of trails creating recommended rides, race cources and popular routes
  • Report
    current status & conditions of a trail, log work done on trail or things needing attention
  • Bulk Add Reports
    select multiple trails in a region and bulk update their status/condition
  • Event learn more about events
    race or trail day on our events calendar. Can be linked to a route or trail. Events can also be grouped by race series.
  • Bulk Add Events
    import events hosted under a Facebook page
  • Skill Park (Jumps, BMX tracks)
    develop riding skills in a safe, controlled area. Jump parks, bmx tracks.
  • Point of Interest (POI)
    parking spots, major technical trail features (TTF), viewpoints
  • Bulk Add POIs
  • Photo
  • Video
    upload or link to video
  • Polygon
    show polygons on the map to ilustrate land owners, logging and more...
  • Directory Listing
    local bike shops, trail associations, bike clubs
  • Local Product
    map, guide books
  • List
    list of trails
  • Translation
    Translate portions of Trailforks into other languages.
  • Ride Log
    personal biking ride log with optional gps
    • helps contribute anonymized data to trail associations so they can tell which trails are ridden the most and when
    • helps contribute anonymized rides to other riders, giving them ideas of loops to do in a region or specific trail
    • helps Trailforks generate popular rides in a region
    • helps Trailforks suggest personalized rides in areas you visit based on your past riding history