Trailforks believes in sharing trail data with local stakeholders. We have an API for advanced access, but for a less technical and simple solution we have created some embeddable widgets you can add to your website.

Below are a few common widgets for you to use. If you would like a cusotm widget or the creation of a widget that doesn't exist, please contact us.
Read more about how riding associations & clubs can use Trailforks here.

  1. Region Trail Map
    map of trails in a region or riding area
  2. Region Info
    display a regions basic trail statistics
  3. Region Supporters
    display trail supporters in a region
  4. Region Trail Usage Stats
    statistics graphs on trail usage for a region
  5. Region Photos
    show trail photos from a region
  6. Region Videos
    show trail videos from a region
  7. Region Status
    simple display of a regions open/closed status
  8. Region List
    a table list of regions & their current status and basic statistics
  1. Trail Reports
    recent trail reports (status & condition) in a region
  2. Trail Report Submit Form
    let users of your website submit trail reports
  3. Trail Details
    details and map for a single trail
  4. Trails List
    list or table of trails in a region
  5. Trails Supporters List
    table of trails & their supporters & sponsors
  6. Trails Status List
    list trails and their status with most recent report
  7. Trail Status
    a single trails current status & condition
  8. Custom Trail List
    custom user generated list of trails
  1. Route
    show route map & details
  2. Your Ride Logs
    show your ridelog stats and recent rides
  3. A Single Ridelog
    show a map & details of a single ridelog
  4. Skillpark
    show a details of a single skillpark
  5. Trail Karma Donate
    donation button for a region
  6. Trail Karma Donations
    list of recent donations for a region
  7. Events List
    upcoming events in a list or calendar view