A "route" is a collection of trails joined together creating a suggested way to ride. Routes rely on trails being added to a region before you create routes.
There are 2 types of routes, both can utilize our unique trail network routing engine.

1. Official Local Route

public route

Public local routes are meant to be quality popular or common local rides with a required description added to our global directory. We will reject routes without enough detail.

  • Local recommended rides for visitors
  • Race courses
  • Show the most popular or common ways to ride a collection of trails

Draw a route or upload a gpx, then describe the route, add stages, pois, photos & more.
Requires approval by moderator or region admin.

Example race course route

Create Local Route

Reasons to add your race course to Trailforks

race series using Trailforks
  • Exposure on the largest trail directory in the world.
  • Embeddable widget of interactive course map & elevation profile.
  • Show race stages on the map & elevation profile.
  • Add race specific POIs like aid stations and checkpoints.
  • Race planning, plan possible routes, collect gps statistics without having to pre-ride.
  • Virtual 3D tour of the course.
  • Feature race sponsors with their logos on the route page.
  • Monitor trail reports & conditions for trails in the route, close trails on race day.
  • Display route on our free mobile app, allow racers to pre-ride.
  • More coming...

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2. Personal Route or 'Ride Plan'

ride plan

Plan your next weekend ride & sync your plan to the mobile app.
No moderation for creating, editing or deleting.

  • Plan routes for personal use
  • Test out possible race course routes
  • A personal route plan can be converted to a official local route

You have control over personal routes, no approval needed, you can share with friends or delete when done with.

Example ride plan

Create Personal Route Plan